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Travel teams have been selected for the 2018/2019 year.   Thank you to everyone who tried out this year.  As mentioned previously, enrollment is down for MYSC and you will notice that rosters for our travel teams this fall are very small.  In order to ensure that playing time is not sacrificed and players have a smaller trainer & coach to player ratio, we have chosen to form more small teams rather than fewer large teams.  This will necessitate more "double rostering" between teams, which means that many players will be given the opportunity to play for more than one team.  These players will have the option of playing in additional games and attending additional practices.  We will be contacting players over the summer to discuss these opportunites.  

Thank you, MYSC

2018/2019 Girls Travel Teams


U11 Gold

U12 White

U12 Gold

U13 Gold

U14 Gold

U15 Gold

Coach: Scott Bartholomew

Coach: TBD

Coach: Scott Scherban

Coach: Frank Ferrucci

Coach: TBD

Coach: Justin Howard

Lillian Agee

Jolie Aarsen

 Grace Ackerman

Cameron Aurora

 Ava Beckwith

Adelynn Arroyo

Sofia Andrin

Alayna Ayvaci

Samantha Claire

Sadie Bartholomew

 Mallory Dean

Maya Blomberg

Jane Barrett

Tatum Cash

Caroline Courtney

Juliette Brenza

 Leila Haraj-Sai

Olivia Catala

Ellen Bartholomew

Maggie French

Cora Davia

Sydney Courtemanche

Kelly Kilbourn

Aubrey Canth

Lilah Browning

Lilliana Gerard

Skylar Kobelia

Ava Davies

Chloe Marra

Julia Coric

Caitlin Fearon

Avery Hagan

Margeaux Langille

Phoebe Doraz

Paige Mastoloni

Madeleine Coulis

Liza Jobson

Antoinette Lowy

Aniella Lesnik

Anna Ferrucci

Elise Owen

Lydia Doraz

Claire McGuinness

Eve Minickene

Claire Levis

Ella Helfich

Bella Portley

Lily Fried

Lola Pellegrino

Mavis Perry

Abby Scherban

Reese Marron

Abby Richard

Maya Howard

Elaina Polding

Allison Peterson

Isabel Smethurst

Morgan Mastrobattisto

Rebecca Snyder

Charlotte Lee

Claire Rickelman

Shay Ryan

Ella Speerli

Lilly McFadden

Claire Spiegal

Natalie Lucas

Matea Thibeault

Emma Strait

Faye Staschke

Lily Paine

Mia Thomas

Jalismar Madera

Elizabeth Walsh

Holly Vetter

Lily Vest

Francesca Pullaro

Annabelle Torre

Carson Miller

Chloe Wiesbrock



Chloe Rachler

Amelia Valente

Dakota Rourke




Nora Shea


Paige Steffan